JAB offers pipeline cleaning services to coincide with their CCTV pipe inspection. The vactor cleans underground utility pipes with 2000-2500 PSI while using the state of the art vacuum system to pick up any debris. Jetting is the quick and easy way to clear blockages. Vactor can clean many different piping such as; storm drains, sanitary sewers, and irrigation lines. No pipe size is too big for our operators. We have partnered up with many contractors in the valley to clean and inspect pipe ranging from 6” all the way to box culverts.

Hydro-Excavation uses high-pressure water systems to break down soil combined with vacuum systems to uncover underground utilities or to use non-destructive methods for trenching. Vactor 2100 digging system can dig up to 40’ deep! Hydro excavating is the safest way to complete all utility locating and trenching and we make it our priority to follow all safety protocols when it comes to safe digging. JAB Construction, Inc offers 24/7 on-call service. As we know, not everything is always planned. That’s why our company has an on-call system in place for all your emergency needs!